Internet Marketing & PR

Internet Marketing and PR Are Integral To Reputation Management

Bright PastThere are basically two primary aspects of managing PR and marketing online, direct and indirect. It is usually requires both of these aspects to build and sustain the best possible online image and presence. Those skilled in understanding public perception, diverting negative attention and promoting people and companies are able to balance both. They are talented and smart professionals who can find, erase or spin negative public information while developing and building public image, presence and reputation.

The direct approach deals with that promotional side. Part of this involves making sure that the image that is desired is promoted to the top of search engine lists. Developing sites and profiles that reflect the person or business and how they wish to appear before the public. The easiest way to think of it is as a Google search. What information is returned if that person or business name is searched? The results of these searches can be manipulated, and this is where the work of these marketing and PR firms comes into play. Promoting image through online presence is one of the most effective ways to create a company image.

Now the indirect approach is more of a defensive stand. A small mom & pop store may not want to do a great deal with promoting their company. They are surely happy with the good word of mouth and customer reputation they’ve developed over the years. Yet one or two unhappy customers on any computer can create bad press. Another company in an entirely different business sector with an awful reputation could have a similar or the same business name as that mom & pop corner store. This is a name they don’t wish to be affiliated with in any way, a public image firm may be called upon to help with this type of scenario.

The reasons for utilizing professionals who not only have the know how and experience to build and better public image in addition to fixing any negative or ugly material are too many to list here. Still the value added or detracted from a company’s online reputation can’t be understated when it comes to the bottom line and success. If Mike and Joe next door have something good (or bad) to say, then a fair amount of people may eventually get word of whatever is being said and make their judgements. This is assuming the Mike and Joe are really well liked too! Yet if Mike and Joe decide to go online to post some of those thoughts or feelings good or bad, then how many people will possibly see this, and instantly? The reach and influence of the internet is much greater than that of Mike and Joe.

PRSo much of what is out there about people and companies isn’t even known to them. Unless each day is spent just monitoring and flipping through various sites and blogs then catching all this potentially harmful material can be nearly impossible. Fortunately these image management services can catch and counteract this unwanted information.
Oddly enough it is quite often that one bad customer review or clip and so on carries a much heavier impact on people then perhaps a positive review will. So it is just that much more important that regular maintenance of the online image and resolving any potential threats to an online reputation are handled.